Design & Build with Novus Properties Inc.

We understand how demanding and time-consuming investing in a house can be; therefore, Novus develops premium custom homes and renovations to suit your lifestyle, while simplifying and minimizing the traditional hurdles of new home construction.


General Contracting & Project Management

Novus offers fixed price contracting for new home construction which provides the following benefits to our clients,

1)Cost Certainty: Fixed-price construction provides clients with predictable costs, reducing the risk of budget overruns and ensuring financial stability throughout the project.

2)Budget Control: Clients can effectively plan and allocate resources since fixed-price contracts eliminate the need for constant budget adjustments, allowing for better financial management.

3)Risk Mitigation: Novus takes on the responsibility for cost overruns, encouraging our team to manage risks effectively and complete the project within the agreed budget, fostering a collaborative and accountable relationship.

4)Simplified Contract Administration: Fixed-price contracts often have less complex administrative requirements compared to other pricing models, streamlining the contract management process and eliminating potential disputes.

5)Faster Decision-Making: With a fixed price, there is less need for constant negotiation and change order approvals, allowing for quicker decision-making, which can positively impact project timelines.

6)Allowances: Where decisions are not yet finalized an allowance is provided. Allowances provide flexibility and adaptability while maintaining cost predictability and avoiding contract adjustments.